Attention Fellow Retailers!

If you're looking for more customers, you should consider the opportunity to communicate via Mitchell's Homemakers Catalogue.

We have been advertising in the Sunshine Coast edition four times year for several years now.

It has proven to be an important adjunct to our marketing campaigns& plans.

The Homemakers gives local recognition, and communicates direct with our potential customers on the Sunshine Coast. On the Coast we get 120,000 copies distributed every quarter. That is straight into 120,000 potential customers' homes. It is more cost effective than any other form of advertising. We have other retailers on the coast that would jump at the opportunity if we didn't participate. Protected by our exclusivity.

The steady business associated with Homemakers is something we notice each time. There is a definite bump in our store visitor/call numbers each time the Homemakers goes out into the market place.

Mike Teggins -
Solomons Flooring Maroochydoor
Sunshine coast

To William Mitchell

Mitchell Ad Agency

Publisher of Homemakers Catalogues

This letter is to praise the effectiveness of advertising in your Melbourne Homemakers Catalogue.

I much prefer your catalogue to other forms of advertising, as I get scores of very good, substantial real leads, by phone or email.

As opposed to the web, where I get mostly tyre-kickers.

I certainly noticed the lack of sales when one edition was missed. I want to make this an ongoing thing. I do very well from it and enables me to sell my customers all sorts of things. At around half a cent per home, it is UNBEATABLE VALUE.

When I visit a customer to quote, I see the copy of Homemakers on their table .. so, if there's any doubt, that's obviously how they have heard of me!

For what this catalogue does, I don't understand why more small/medium businesses don't take advantage of it.

Any business who is currently planning their up-coming advertising, is more than welcome to call me on 0411 110 334

Kyle Campbell -
Campbells Blinds & Awnings

To whom it may concern:

Adelaide Homemakers Catalogue has been our main advertising avenue since I set up GB Plastics some 20year ago.

That's because the Homemakers generates enough customers to feed our factory year round, through good times and bad.

When customers phone, or respond via our website or Facebook, we always ask the question "Where did you hear about GB Plastics"

9 times out of 10 the clear answer is "Homemakers Catalogue"

The only other advertising we do is the occasional letterbox flyer to fill the gap between Homemakers catalogues. The Homemakers Catalogue ad out-performs those flyers by about 8 to 1.

I have appreciated the service given by various embers of the Mitchell family, since first being approached by Ron Mitchell in the id 1990's to be a foundation advertiser in the Homemakers Catalogue.

They provide professional advertising advice and a no-hassle production service for my ads. Their catalogues are always delivered into letterboxes on the dates promised, so we can rely totally on response as planned each time.

Greg Binns -
GB Plastics and Blinds

To whom it may concern:

Our business, K & B Security Screens & Doors, has advertised in the Gold Coast Homemakers Catalogue ever edition since 2010, with good success.

We have found that the Homemakers Catalogue hits the market we are after. With each edition, we have experienced instant response, which is then on going of at least 3 weeks after distribution.

The Homemaker Catalogue has become an important part of our overall advertising strategy, and we receive a great many enquiries. The Homemakers Catalogue provides us with extra reach that we cannot achieve by our own leaflet drops.

Having the exclusive advertising rights in Homemakers for security screens provides us with a major benefit over our competitors.

A couple of years ago, we were also able to secure the category in the sunshine coast Homemakers Catalogue, and so now reach both market with this powerful medium.

I firmly believe that reasons that the Homemakers delivered the results it does for our business, is that the catalogue only features home related products. Also due to the extensive distribution coverage we reach and are able to put our offers to more people than ever before.

The Homemakers Catalogue will most certainly be a key part of our advertising strategy in the future, and I have no hesitation in recommending Homemakers to other retailers of home related products or services.

Bob Weslake -
K & B Security Doors & Shutters
Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Dear Fellow Retailer

Our floor covering store, situated on the gold Coast, has participated in Mitchell's Homemakers Catalogues since 2009. With each issue of Homemakers, we have been thrilled with the response the catalogue gets for our business.

We have tried many other forms of advertising in the past ad been disappointed, however Homemakers have proven to be a winner for us, and is a key to our advertising strategy and plans.

The Homemakers' Catalogues have delivered us many months worth of response, which is very encouraging at a time when retail is tough. Our customers often come into our store clutching the Homemakers Catalogue, and many of our phone enquirers tell us they notice us in the Homemakers

Also, the team at Mitchell Ad Agency builds ads for us that work - the input and advice they provide us with is a vital part of this success.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Mitchell's Homemakers Catalogue to any retailer seeking new business

Isobel Walker -
Gold Coast