Solomons Flooring Maroochydore

Attention Fellow Retailers!

If you’re looking for more customers, you should consider the opportunity to communicate via Mitchell’s Homemakers Catalogue.

We have been advertising in the Sunshine Coast edition four times year for several years now.

It has proven to be an important adjunct to our marketing campaigns& plans.

The Homemakers gives local recognition, and communicates direct with our potential customers on the Sunshine Coast. On the Coast we get 120,000 copies distributed every quarter. That is straight into 120,000 potential customers’ homes. It is more cost effective than any other form of advertising. We have other retailers on the coast that would jump at the opportunity if we didn’t participate. Protected by our exclusivity.

The steady business associated with Homemakers is something we notice each time. There is a definite bump in our store visitor/call numbers each time the Homemakers goes out into the market place.