GB Plastics and Blinds

To whom it may concern:

Adelaide Homemakers Catalogue has been our main advertising avenue since I set up GB Plastics some 20year ago.

That’s because the Homemakers generates enough customers to feed our factory year round, through good times and bad.

When customers phone, or respond via our website or Facebook, we always ask the question “Where did you hear about GB Plastics”

9 times out of 10 the clear answer is “Homemakers Catalogue”

The only other advertising we do is the occasional letterbox flyer to fill the gap between Homemakers catalogues. The Homemakers Catalogue ad out-performs those flyers by about 8 to 1.

I have appreciated the service given by various embers of the Mitchell family, since first being approached by Ron Mitchell in the id 1990’s to be a foundation advertiser in the Homemakers Catalogue.

They provide professional advertising advice and a no-hassle production service for my ads. Their catalogues are always delivered into letterboxes on the dates promised, so we can rely totally on response as planned each time.