Campbells Blinds & Awnings

To William Mitchell

Mitchell Ad Agency

Publisher of Homemakers Catalogues

This letter is to praise the effectiveness of advertising in your Melbourne Homemakers Catalogue.

I much prefer your catalogue to other forms of advertising, as I get scores of very good, substantial real leads, by phone or email.

As opposed to the web, where I get mostly tyre-kickers.

I certainly noticed the lack of sales when one edition was missed. I want to make this an ongoing thing. I do very well from it and enables me to sell my customers all sorts of things. At around half a cent per home, it is UNBEATABLE VALUE.

When I visit a customer to quote, I see the copy of Homemakers on their table .. so, if there’s any doubt, that’s obviously how they have heard of me!

For what this catalogue does, I don’t understand why more small/medium businesses don’t take advantage of it.

Any business who is currently planning their up-coming advertising, is more than welcome to call me on 0411 110 334