Mitchell’s Homemakers Catalogues are distributed by either Salmat or PMP Distribution, the biggest and most reputable letterbox distribution companies in Australia. Both guarantee a minimum of 96% of households will receive the catalogue as planned, and provide AUDITED PROOF of that distribution.

This guarantees you get what you pay for and avoid being cheated by fraudulent “publishers claims”.

It is not uncommon for unprofessional publishers to claim circulation of double, triple, or even more, of what they print.

They also claim “circulation” for copies not actually circulated (delivered to homes) but left on display stands.

And many magazines and newspapers will tell you about readership numbers, allowing for 3 or 4 or more readers per copy.

As a professionals in the advertising industry for over 42 years, we are proud to provide you with AUDITED PROOF of the numbers of homes that receive our catalogue.

Adelaide 300,000-plus homes
Melbourne 500,000-plus homes
Brisbane 350,000-plus homes
Sunshine Coast 90,000-plus homes
Gold Coast 90,000-plus homes