To distribute your own leaflet into homes in your market is going to cost at least $40 per thousand. That means more than $16,000 to reach a significant total number of homes in your city.

Then, on top of that, you are going to have to pay for production and printing of your leaflet. And all you have is a skinny little leaflet hidden amongst other leaflets in the same letterboxes.

But, with Homemakers Catalogue, you are part of a substantial magazine-style communication. And your offer is presented amongst other offers of intense interest to homemakers.

The cost of distribution, production and printing is shared between the other participants, so your message is being delivered to hundreds of thousands of homes for a fraction of what you would pay to do your own thing!


The cost of advertising in Mitchell’s Homemakers Catalogue in your city includes everything!

  • Professional photography (we have specialist photographers in each city that we cover).
  • Creatively written and designed advertisement, produced in our advertising agency art studio (where we have been producing dedicated retail ads for over thirty years).
  • Printing and distribution.

For an example of what we can achieve for your business, phone Rose Mitchell 0419 847 899, Will Mitchell 0403 785 203, or alternatively fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page.